Custom System Questionnaire

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I configure each system to the end user's needs, so I usually start by asking a few questions to get an idea of what you want to do...

What equipment do you have now?

How much photography experience do you have, and of what type (landscape, portrait, macro)?

Will the setup be in a stable environment, or does it need to be moved frequently?

Is the desk or table you will put the setup free of vibrations?

What constraints do you have on the setup (eg desktop space)? 

Do you want to use the setup for purposes other than coins?

What range of coin sizes do you want to photograph (eg Dimes to Dollars)?
Do you want to photograph small details (eg zoom in on the date+MM of a Lincoln Cent)?

Do you want to photograph full slabs?

Will you mainly shoot raw coins, or mainly slabbed coins, or both?

How do you view coins now, ie with a loupe, a stereoscope, etc?

Do you need a stereoscope in addition to the photography setup?

What more can you tell me about what is important to you in the functionality of the setup?

Are you budgeting for entry level, enthusiast, or world-class image quality?

With the info above, I can start the process of selecting equipment you might need to accomplish your goals

To help define your particular needs and scope of system functionality