Full-Coin / Slab / Note / Set System                       Details Imaging Option

  - Copy Stand w/Arca Rail: $125                                            - Medium Power Objective: $75            

  - Nikon 75mm Full-Coin Lens + Helicoid: $160                  - Objective Adapter: $30

  - Camera with Cable, Battery, Charger: $150                     - Fine Focus Z-Stage: $100   

  - 18-55mm lens for Slabs / Bills / Sets: $75      


                                                                 Optional Accessories                              

                                                     - Pair of Integrated 5W Quans LED lights: $85

                                                     - Lens or Light-mounted Diffuser: $40***

                                                     - Photo Velvet / True-Grey Transfer Disk: $30

                                                     - AC Supply / Battery Eliminator: $45

    * Canon Live View software works up to Windows 10. Later Mac OS may require newer camera

   ** User should consider a method of diffusing the lights to minimize hot spots and shadows

  *** Diffuser is customized for Raw or Slabbed and for max coin size to avoid glare

Contact me to work on a custom system to meet your needs

Example System-400Q

Wide-Range, Copy Stand System

Updated with 5W Quans Gooseneck LEDs

System shown in typical configuration, but can be configured with a wide variety of lenses and accessories for full-coin and variety details imaging