Flexible and Economical Copy Stand System

Contact me to work on a custom system to meet your needs

Example System-X

Fine Focus Stage for critical focusing and focus stacking

Macro Bellows mounted on ARCA rail for easy adjustment over full range of US Coin sizes down to Variety Details


    Full-Coin System Pricing                                              Details Imaging Options

  - Copy Stand w/ Focus Stage, Rail, Clamp: $195               - Medium Power Objective: $75            

  - Nikon 75mm Full-Coin Lens: $125                                     - Objective Adapter: $30

  - Bellows with Camera and Lens Adapters: $125              - Objective-mounted Diffuser: $40

  - Camera with Cable, Battery, Charger: $150                                    


                                                      Optional Accessories                              

                                                     - Integrated LED Lights: $85

                                                     - Lens-mounted Diffuser: $40***

                                                     - Photo Velvet / True-Grey Transfer Disk: $30

                                                     - AC Supply / Battery Eliminator: $65

    * Canon Live View software works with Windows. Later Mac OS may require newer camera

   ** User should consider a method of diffusing the lights to minimize hot spots and shadows

  *** Diffuser is customized for Raw or Slabbed and for max coin size to avoid glare

Canon DSLR Camera  with low vibration shutter for maximum sharpness. Includes Live View tethering and editing software*

Macro Lens for Full Coins or Objective for Details

Laminated Wood Base  for Stability and Economy

Integrated LED Lights for Optimum Lighting**