Example System-P1Q

Quans Gooseneck LEDs  for Bright and Diffuse Light

2-Tone True Grey Stage  for Accurate White Balance and Color Reference Background


   CellPhone Imaging System                                   Optional Accessories   

  - Copy Stand w/Arca Rail and clamp: $145             - Photo Velvet / True-Grey Transfer Disk: $30

  - Pair of Quans LED Gooseneck Lights: $75           - Clip-On Macro Lens: $45

ARCA Clamp  for Solid and Precise Height Adjustment 

ARCA Rail  for Wide Height Range

Compact and Flexible Copy Stand for CellPhone Cameras

Updated with Diffused Quans Gooseneck LEDs

Contact me to work on a custom system to meet your needs

Wood Base  for Stability and Vibration Dampening

CellphoneCamera  for reference only, NOT included