Example System-P1Q

Quans Gooseneck LEDs

For Bright photos with good Diffuseion

Compact and Flexible Copy Stand for CellPhone Cameras

Updated with Quans Gooseneck LEDs

Contact me to work on a custom system to meet your needs

Wood Base  for Stability and Vibration Dampening


Shown for reference only, NOT included

2-Tone True Grey Stage

For Accurate White Balance and Color Reference Background


   CellPhone Imaging System                                   Optional Accessories   

  - Copy Stand w/Arca Rail and clamp: $135             - Photo Velvet / True-Grey Transfer Disk: $30

  - Pair of Quans LED Gooseneck Lights: $70           - Phone-mounted Diffuser: $40*

                                                                                                              - Additional Quans Light: $35

                                                                                        - Clip-On Macro Lens: $45

   * User should consider a method of diffusing the lights to minimize hot spots and shadows

Optional 3rd LED

For Flexible Fill-In Light

ARCA Clamp  for Solid and Precise Height Adjustment 

Clip-On Macro Lens

For Sharp Full-Coin Photos

ARCA Rail  for Wide Height Range