For Selecting the Right System for your Needs

The main difference between Macrocoins systems is the range of coin sizes they can image. Decide if you want to shoot:

All US Coin Sizes   (from smaller than Dimes to Dollars)

Details shots   (see the Variety Imaging Comparison Page)

Full Slabs / Large Medals

Large Notes / Comics

Then select the system that fits your needs from the Chart above.

Here are some Examples:

- If you don't care about shooting details or full slabs, but want easy focusing using a microscope stand, select System-1 or System-3

- For shooting only small coins and details, select System-4

- For full range of coins and small details, but not slabs, Select System-X or X2

- To shoot the full range of coin sizes, plus full slabs, Select System-400

- For larger items like comics as well as full range of coins, select System-500